A Spontaneous Thought

A Spontaneous Thought

When you start as a fresh data analyst or data scientist, you have almost no idea what you are doing. Your thoughts are not formed properly. You do what you are told and expect that your results will somehow overlap with the business outcomes. When you read articles online, they make so much sense. They are full of fancy words. So much to read about. So much to learn. A glorious world of jargon.

After a couple of years, it all changes. You now have the eye of an insider. You know how a business is run. Then, one day, one of those articles you read three years ago surfaces. And you realise it is full of crap. Jargon all over the article. Some articles do not even make sense. Some sentences are literally plagiarised from other articles.

I will never understand why we always choose "fancy" ways of speaking/writing. What happened to simple English?

English is my second language. I learn more and more about it every single day. I am still terrible at it. When I was studying for my master's degree, my professor always said "simple English, Mustafa. Simple English". To this day, when I write, I read and re-read everything I write. Then, I remove fancy words. Then, I cut sentences into comprehensible lengths. Working in the business world does not mean you have to use all that jargon.

Simple English, people. Simple English.