How the Logo Evolved... In an Hour

How the Logo Evolved... In an Hour

I have always wanted create a logo for myself. Though, I never had any reason to design one. Now that I am trying to keep a blog for my silly ideas, I decided to design one. I wanted something that would be simple, but have some sort of connection to what I love doing: mathematics and statistical modelling. I knew circular design is the new "cool" nowadays. Also, machine learning is the hottest topic lately.

Classification with decision trees is the first method you learn when you start as a new data analyst because it is easy to implement, they are human readable, and they tend to produce relatively accurate results. So, I had an idea: I would have a decision tree as my logo. Here is my first try.

It looked good but it reminded me of something. That something is Git. Look at Git's logo.

Rip off! I had to come up with something else. I decided to go even simpler which led me to the following.

Almost there! But, not quite. It needed something else. A small square. Literally. And, I was there. Behold. The Logo!

Can you see the difference?